Costa Rica Deredia

Costa Rica Deredia

This bean is grown and harvested in an area known as the “city of flowers” due to its many gardens. This roast will delight you with its smooth, light body and is identified by the natural sweetness of caramel, cherry and cocoa flavors.

“Single-origin” actually refers to the geographic origin of coffee beans. Knowing where your coffee comes from matters because where coffee is grown can have a major impact on the flavor of your brew.

When we first introduced coffee into our stores in 1993, we insisted on a commitment to the same great quality that our customers have come to appreciate from our chocolates. We travel to coffee growing regions around the world to form personal relationships with the coffee farmers and their families. Our certified roast master selects top grade coffee beans which are delivered to our roastery in Piqua, Ohio. We then pour our passion and expertise into roasting every bean to perfection. Winans customers savor the friendship, adventure and dedication that goes into each cup.
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Costa Rica Deredia, 1 lb. bag, whole bean Costa Rica Deredia, 1 lb. bag, whole bean
SKU: CF108  
Costa Rica Deredia, 1 lb. bag, ground Costa Rica Deredia, 1 lb. bag, ground
SKU: CF109  


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